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Key Board Members

Terry Duncan, President, 408-218-1115, tduncan11@comcast.n et

Pete Casti, VP, 775-560-9264, climber139@charter.n et

Ty White, Treasurer, 510-504-2217, tylerwhite52@gmail.c om


Flight Safety, John Scott, 925-586-9619, jjs1533@comcast.n et

Ground/Emergency, Gene Benson 831-345-6104, GENE.BENSON@Gmail.c om


Rob Stone, 775-240-9461, rstone118@charter.n et

Facility Management

Me Donovan, 925-980-4882, donovan_c@sbc global.n et

Caretaker, Thea, Clubhouse Phone 775-475-0255, theareader@gmail.c om


Tim Tobin, 530-263-7741, tim.t.tobin@gmail.c om

Physical Address

Air Sailing Inc.

15000 Winnemucca Ranch Road

Reno, NV 89510