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Spring Work Party

Thermal Camp

Cross CountryCamp

Sports Class Contest


Fall Work Party



COMPLETE Spring Family Reunion & Work Party, April 27, 2019

(A Fall 2018 Look Back)

Save the Date Jobs For Everyone!

The harsh desert winter takes a toll on our infrastructure every year. This event provides an opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends and prepare the airfield for the flying season.

Contact: Cindy Donovan

COMPLETE Spring Safety Briefing 10:00 am April 28, 2019

Satisfy that Yearly Requirement

This mass briefing at the clubhouse prepares pilots and ground crews for the coming soaring season. Be prepared by reading the 2019 ASG Operating Procedures.

Contact: John Scott

COMPLETE Thermal Camp, June 3-7, 2019

See Lee's Video of the 2015 Thermal Camp Here

Promises to be a Tremendous Soaring Week


This camp is intended for beginner or intermediate-level soaring enthusiasts. Training focuses on efficient thermalling techniques, both alone and in gaggles, as well as basic piloting skills for high desert soaring.

Contact:Larry Suter



Lee's Video Cross Country Camp 2015

A great start to your cross country soaring experience

The camp is intended for intermediate level or more experienced soaring enthusiasts. Training focuses on techniques used for safe and efficient cross country flight and sharpening the piloting skills used for prolonged high desert soaring flights.

Contact: David Prather 530-748-7275

COMPLETE Sports Class Contest, July 8-12, 2019

The SSA Sanctioned Air Sailing Sports Class Contest offers strong competition in an environment that is perfect for seasoned contest pilots as well as first-timers. Practice day July 7. The CD is Robert Stone. More

2019 Results


Contact: Rob


Please Join Us for the Air Sailing Annual Banquet

Contact Ty White

Fall Work Party, Sep 22, 2019

An Awe Inspiring Labor of Love!....?

It's time to tidy up after a full season of flying. This event provides your opportunity to repair all that needs mending and protecting before the snow flys!

Contact: Cindy Donovan