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Spring Work Party

Sports Class Contest

Thermal Camp

Cross CountryCamp


Fall Work Party


Work Party April 29, 2023 Complete

Stand by for Details but Guarantee Jobs For Everyone!

The harsh desert winter takes a toll on our infrastructure every year.  Feeling it's still too soon to gather in our usual Party format, we have provided a list of tasks and ask each of you to:


Contact: Ty White

Safety Briefing at ASI April 30, 2023 Complete

Satisfy that Yearly Requirement

This mass briefing this year will be a webinar for pilots and ground crews for the coming soaring season.

Be prepared by reading the 2023 ASG Operating Procedures and digitally signing the LOG and ASI Waiver

Contact: Gene Benson


Come Out and Fly May 1-5 and July 31 - Aug 4 Complete

Come out and fly with us!  A tow pilot is scheduled, and a board of trustee member will be available for general assistance. These weeks are intended for folks who have flown Air Sailing in the past, or at least are current, proficient mountain pilots.

  • If you’re new to us and new to mountain flying, please check out the Thermal and Cross Country camps – wonderful introductions to flying the desert and mountains
  • If you’re new to flying gliders, consider contacting the Nevada Soaring Assn for flight training, and attend one of our camps next season!
  • Soaring organizations are encouraged to join us with your members, but please contact us well in advance to be sure we’re giving you the support you need and that expectations are aligned.

These weeks don’t fit your schedule?  Go to the home page and request tow pilot support on the operations calendar.  Tow support is good on weekends.  During-the-week support depends on matching up glider pilots with one of our volunteer tow pilots.

Contact: Brian


Thermal Camp, June 5-9, 2023 Complete

Promises to be a Tremendous Soaring Week

This camp is intended for beginner or intermediate-level soaring enthusiasts. Training focuses on efficient thermalling techniques, both alone and in gaggles, as well as basic piloting skills for high desert soaring.

Contact: Larry Suter

Cross Country Camp June 11-16 2023 Complete



A great start to your cross country soaring experience

The camp is intended for intermediate level or more experienced soaring enthusiasts. Training focuses on techniques used for safe and efficient cross country flight and sharpening the piloting skills used for prolonged high desert soaring flights.

Contact: Harry Fox

Sports Class Contest, July 3-7, 2023 Complete

The SSA Sanctioned Air Sailing Sports Class Contest offers strong competition in an environment that is perfect for seasoned contest pilots as well as first-timers. Practice day July 2. Contest Manager Terry Duncan.

Contact: Terry Duncan

Banquet, Oct 14, 2023Complete

And a wonderful time was had by all! Thanks for coming

Contact Ty White