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Sports Class Contest: 8-12 July, 2024 (7th: Practice Day)

Come Out and Fly #1: 15-19 July, 2024

Come Out and Fly #2: 5-9 Aug, 2024

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Air Sailing, Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax exempt membership organization established in 1970. In 1997 Air Sailing received a land patent from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to operate an educational soaring facility on the site in perpetuity. That secures soaring as a part of the Palomino Valley's vibrant and growing recreational landscape for the foreseeable future.

NEW -- Here is a the most recent copy of the Air Sailing Gliderport 101 it should answer most of your questions -- NEW

Use this application form to apply for membership

Revenue is derived from memberships, donations, fund raising, an annual banquet, educational soaring events, hangar/tiedown fees and tows.

On a routine basis we honor a member's engagement and service to the ASI community with the Glattly Award.

The Recipients

The gliderport is located in the Warm Springs Valley, just 25 miles northeast of  Reno, Nevada.

Air Sailing Gliderport
15000 Winnemucca Ranch Road
Reno NV 89510

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You can make payments or donations directly to ASI using a Zelle payment to:
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For either method please use the comment field to indicate a specific purpose of your payment or donation
e.g. general fund, scholarship, runway, etc or if your payment is for other purposes (tows, hanger fees, membership dues, etc)

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