Photo by Alan Roadrunner Young In Remembrance 1949 to 2013

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Map of Driving Directions


Staying at Air Sailing

Ample RV spaces are located within the designated camping area west of the clubhouse. They are are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Every trailer or RV must be occupied and moved off the gliderport for at least 24 hours once every 60 days to comply with Washoe County regulations. Tent camping is allowed in the Memorial Grove.

There are no hookups available for water or electricity and no grey water disposal, so campers must be self contained. Restrooms, showers, a food prep area and a washer/dryer facility are available. Each camping space is approximately 30x50 feet which will accommodate even the largest motor home.

RV spaces are allocated by assignment. It is imperative that no person occupy space & time other than the person to whom that space & time is assigned. To reserve a space contact David Volkmann. Since time is fleeting, no time reservations are being accepted.

RV Parking Agreement

ASI Trailers

Air Sailing has trailers available for rent by the day, week or month.

To reserve a trailer use the highly touted Reservation System.

Tent Camping
  In addition to the designated RV spaces, tent campers may set up in our Memorial Grove which is reserved exclusively for tents. One of the most pleasant experiences at ASI is waking up in the morning and looking out of your tent at the varmits serenely foraging nearby.

Substantial work has been done to develop Air Sailing as an oasis in the desert. Over 50 shade trees are flourishing due to regular watering from a recently-installed automated drip system.

In 2002 Air Sailing opened the doors of the clubhouse. This spacious building serves as a cool and comfortable respite from the hot sun as well as a classroom for all of Air Sailing's educational events. It features a food prep area (shared fridge, microwave, sink etc.) and pilot briefing room as well as bathrooms and showers. Hot and cold running water and electricity make the clubhouse seem just like home.

In addition to the shower facilities in the clubhouse, there is a newer bathhouse with showers, flush toilets and bathroom sinks with mirrors. There's even a washer and dryer!  

A covered gazebo near the family area has picnic tables and a communal barbecue.  A second gazebo nestles under the trees near the flight line so non-flyers can enjoy picnics and watch the gliders in comfort.

Air Sailing is "off the grid" and electricity is generated by solar panels and stored in a substantial battery array. A diesel generator serves as a backup system. Power is supplied to the hangar, clubhouse, and bathouse.  We urge you to conserve electricity, especially during the "quiet time" between 10pm and 9am when the sun doesn't shine and the generator does not run. 

WiFi is readily available (provided at no charge) onsite and there is cell phone coverage with all the major carriers.

Please take a look at our Camping Rules & Policies for more information on staying at Air Sailing.

Oxygen is available onsite provided by NSA. For non-NSA members partial fill-up (1200psi) is $10 full ( 1800psi) is $15.

Hangars and Tie Downs

The hangar can hold gliders with a maximum wingspan of 18m. Many frequent fliers at Air Sailing keep their gliders assembled in the hangar all summer long, though there may be room for additional weekend guests. To reserve a space contact David Volkmann.

For pilots wishing to tie down outside, cables are installed for gliders and trailers. There is ample room for at least 30 gliders.

Hangar and Tiedown Fees for Gliders


*Important Electric Self Launch & Sustainer Gliders Must Read*

ASI believes that part of our sport’s future is electric self-launch gliders.  Unfortunately, our off-grid power system was not designed to accommodate the charging systems that are associated with the current crop of electric gliders. 

Do not plug your electric self-launch/sustainer glider charger into any ASI power outlet

There is a good chance you will take down all of the site power, and a smaller chance you may cause significant damage to our inverters that would take an unknown period to repair.  The gliderport is not habitable without power (= no water!), so don’t be “That Guy”.

If you have such a glider, we recommend you bring your own portable generator to charge your batteries, and also recommend you test your charging arrangements with discharged batteries before you come to the gliderport.  With advance notice we may be able to provide you with a generator, but this is not guaranteed.