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Results from the 2024 Sports Class Contest will be posted when official

Contest Info


The Air Sailing Sports Class is SSA sanctioned and scheduled for July 8-12 with a Practice Day schedule July 7th

Summer in Reno's Great Basin area typically provides strong thermal conditions throughout the day, with light winds early in the day that typically increases into our high desert zephyr as the lift activity fades during the late afternoon.  Expect 5 contest days Monday thru Friday. The week ends with an Awards Banquet and BBQ on Friday the 7th. The contest area includes some of northern Nevada's best high desert soaring terrain, with course options to the north and east as well as the more typical runs to the south.

This is a great contest for beginning/intermediate racers as well as those who want to enjoy strong competition in a more relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere.

Who Should Attend

Any pilot with cross country experience who wants to compete in an SSA sanctioned contest (2024 Rules Pending). Current SSA rules say that each entrant should meet one or more of the following experience requirements:

  • Have a Pilot Ranking Score (Rule 5.2.1) greater than zero.

  • Present evidence both of having completed a previous National soaring contest and of recent cross-country soaring experience.

  • Present proof of having earned the FAI Silver Badge.

We will have experienced contest pilots available to act as mentors for those pilots with no or little competition experience. Daily briefings will include topics that will enhance the knowledge of the novice contest pilot.  Experienced contest pilots and instructors will be available starting Saturday, June 23, 2024 for additional help or local area checkouts if desired.

What to Bring

All pilots should bring the following to be allowe to fly:

  • Proof of SSA membership

  • A valid pilot’s license with Private or Commercial Glider privileges (foreign pilots may present the equivalent license or certification from their country)

  • An airworthy glider that meets the rules of the class you plan to enter

  • All the paperwork that makes the glider legal to fly (Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness, etc.)

  • A parachute for each seat in the glider, repacked within current FAA guidelines

  • Proof that you own the glider, or written permission from the owner (on the SSA Pilot Registration Form)

  • If you will be a minor (under 18) on the first scheduled flying day (practice or competition), permission of your parent or guardian (on the SSA Pilot Registration Form)

  • Proof of liability insurance coverage for the glider (a photocopy of the first page of the policy is fine)


  • $425 which includes one 2000' tow per contest day, tie downs and unlimited oxygen.


Register online at the SSA Website: Air Sailing Sports Class Contest


Terry Duncan


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