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The Air Sailing Board of Trustees considers safety to be our most important priority.  For this reason the Trustees have established a Safety Committee to monitor and address issues relating to safe operations at the gliderport.  Listed below are the current members of the Safety Committee.  Individuals who wish to provide comments to the committee are encouraged to contact the chairperson.

Chairperson: Gene Benson

Rob Stone

Pete Casti

Mark Montague

Tim Tobin

Larry Suter

Excellant Larry Suter's Proficiency Briefing

Safety Management Plan 2020

Aviation Safety Policy

NTSB Reporting Criteria



Soaring Safety Subjects



Takeoff Tips

Landing Tips

Landing Glideslope

Mid Air Collision Avoidance Reno Area (NVANG doc)

Safety Presentations

Hotellier Connectors

High Wind Landings

Glider Accidents and Prevention

Proficiency Briefing

Safety in Mountain Flying

Dangers of Low Thermalling

Thermalling for Dummies